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Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship Recipients!

Duncan Roberts - John Fanning Scholarship
Phoebe Ballard - Millicent Fenwick Scholarship
Mya Jordan - Millicent Fenwick Scholarship
Bo Flournoy - Tannenbaum Family Scholarship
TBA - Chairman's CIT Award

At the Y, we believe that education is the foundation for a bright future. We offer several scholarships to advance academic achievement among local students. We invite all students to apply in March.

John Fanning Scholarship

The John Fanning Scholarship Award recognizes a high school senior from the Somerset Hills Area who has demonstrated outstanding volunteer service and leadership in the community while pursuing excellence in academics. The award of $1,000, which must be used only for educational purposes, was established in memory of John Fanning to honor his spirit and qualities as a dedicated volunteer committed to strengthening the Y and the community. Fanning was a friend and past board chairman of the Somerset Hills YMCA and, as a former Bernards Township Superintendent of Schools, was a passionate leader for higher learning.

Applications for 2017 will open in March

Past Recipients:
2016 Duncan Roberts
2015 Tyler Beaudet 
2014 Matthew Lubas & Caitlin Taylor
2013 Bridget Lee
2012 Marisa Rossy 
2011 Emily Wheatley
2010 Gabriella DeMarco

“With how much the Y has given to me, I know that the least I could do was give a little bit back.” Tyler Beaudet. Tyler became involved at the Y as a camp counselor. After the scholarship breakfast, you could find him back at work under the camp tent.

“I was so honored and blessed to receive the Fanning Scholarship, which rewards those students who have given their all to service and academics throughout their high school career. I advise seniors applying, to let their true selves shine through in their application and to emphasize the important values they strive to achieve through their commitment to academics and giving back to their community.” Bridget Lee
Millicent Fenwick Scholarship

The Millicent Fenwick Scholarship Award is a need-based scholarship and recognizes a High School senior or a full-time matriculating student from the Somerset Hills area in good standing and maintaining at least a 2.50 GPA each semester. This scholarship is a one year, one time award of $1,000 - $2,000.

Applications for 2017 will open in March

Past Recipients:
2016 Phoebe Ballard & Mya Jordan
2015 Phoebe Ballard
2014 Donna Andres & Phoebe Ballard
2013 Makenna Janssen & Jordan Smith
2012 Marisa Rossy & Shayna Stemmer

“Growing up in a single-parent household, finances were always tight. I knew I had to work hard if I wanted to go to college. So, I studied hard, became immersed in volunteer opportunities that I felt passionately about, gave back to my community, got a job, and never let the thought of my financial instability negatively impact my view on my future opportunities. The people who awarded me the scholarships have had a tremendous impact on my life. Not only did they believe in my abilities, but they were willing to fund my goals. As a result, I am now in my second year at the University of Arizona and will be applying to the College of Nursing in the Fall.” Marisa Rossy
Tannenbaum Family Scholarship

The Tannenbaum Family Scholarship Award has been established to recognize a member of the Somerset Hills YMCA who is a high school senior or matriculating college student seeking a career in sports. Applicants may self-nominate or be nominated by a supervisor or member of the YMCA senior management team. The scholarship is a one year, one time award of $1,000 - $2,500 and funds are to be used only for educational purposes.

Applications for 2017 will open in March

Past Recipients:
2016 Bo Flourney
2015 Alex Boettcher, Erika Evleth & Kathleen Miszkiewicz 
2014 Michaela (Micki) Williams & Marshall Boles
2013 Anders Hershberger
2012 Alexandra Hershberger & Andrew Scaglione

“This scholarship means a lot coming from someone in the sports industry. I hope this scholarship will help me succeed at Syracuse and allow me to follow my dream of becoming a sports broadcaster.” Erika Evleth

“I am so excited and thankful for receiving this scholarship. It will help me as I begin my college degree at Villanova.” Kathleen Miszkiewicz

“I would like to thank everyone at the YMCA and th eTannenbaum family for helping me and my family. I’m really looking forward to heading back to school and putting the scholarship money to great use and making those who care proud. Thank you to all who made it possible for me to receive this award.” Alex Boettcher

“I am glad to say that have gained a lot from the Tannenbaum scholarship -- most important was a sense of confidence. After I won the scholarship, I began to think that maybe my dream of working in the sports world could possibly come true. It gave me an extra push to take on jobs in the sports world and I have enjoyed every minute of it so far. In terms of money, it helped me feel secure with necessary purchases such as textbooks etc to help me get the grades I wanted.” Anders Hershberger

Chairman’s CIT Award

The Chairman’s CIT Leadership Award has been established by the Chairman of the Somerset Hills YMCA Board of Directors. This scholarship affords the opportunity for high school students to participate in the Somerset Hills YMCA Counselor in Training summer program. Scholarships will be awarded to deserving students entering 9th or 10th grade in September.

Individuals interested in applying for this scholarship must complete and submit the award application, which be found here, with the required documentation to Kim DeZutter at

Chairmans CIT Leadership Award Criteria

Past Recipients:
2015 Noelle Hoffman & Nick Re
2014 Lucas Miller, Cara Scaliti & Natalie Bodner
2013 Rachel Vogel, Ikey Gitau, Matthew Fischetti & Alex Greenblatt